Bianca Scardoni | Incoronate Update by Bianca Scardoni
Incoronate Update by Bianca Scardoni, the marked saga
Incoronate Update by Bianca Scardoni, the marked saga
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Incoronate Update

Hi Angels,

Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update regarding book 8 as I only just realized that I haven’t posted any of my recent updates on my website. Apart from having a really rough year that basically drop-kicked my ass, I’ve also been suffering from the really bad habit of trying to do EVERYTHING myself. From building and maintaining my website, answering emails, running my social media, creating promotional material to writing and editing my books as well as formatting and publishing them. I’m basically a one woman show and clearly, it isn’t working for me anymore.

I want to be able to keep writing books that we all love, but I don’t want to burnout or crumble from the pressure in the process so I’m going to change how I do things in 2024. Mostly that means getting more organized, protecting my writing process/muse, as well as bringing in people that I trust to take care of the day-to-day tasks so that I can focus more on actually writing. Obviously, it’s not going to happen overnight as old habits die hard but that is what I have planned thus far.

As for book 8, I’m currently still in the process of writing it, however, I’m getting very close to the end. I’ve been posting some teasers and sneak peeks throughout the last few weeks in my Facebook reader group, and I also plan on doing a cover reveal for the book shortly. If you’d like to check out the teasers or keep up with my progress, the best way to do that is by joining my reader group here:
Bianca Scardoni’s Dark Angels Reader Group

If, however, you only want to be notified when book 8 is released, feel free to join my (very low volume) newsletter instead:
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