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All Systems Are Go

So this is my first blog post. Would you believe I had to brainstorm for over an hour to come up with that gripping opening line? I wonder what that says about me?

I feel like I’m on a job interview and that I’m now supposed to assault you with a barrage of pleasant adjectives to describe myself in the hopes that I might get you to like me. Or maybe start in on my background information and all the reasons I think I’m qualified for this job, or blog, or whatever you call it when you have something to say and think that other people may also find it mildly interesting. The whole thing seems kind of egotistical if you think of it; the idea that anyone besides my mom would even care about what I have to say. But it’s totally untrue–the part about me being egotistical, that is. Not the part about my mom. She’s my biggest fan. (Hi, mom! Look at me, I’m totes doing it!)

Anyway, I’m a writer in case you’re still reading this. I haven’t actually formally published anything at this point so I’m not sure if I still qualify as a “writer” per se, or if I’m just an aspiring one. It’s semantics, really. I write. That’s what I do; it’s what I’ve always done, and hopefully (maybe) quite possibly, I’ll actually get paid to do it someday. I’ll finish my novel and somebody besides my mom will want to read it. *Crosses fingers, toes, and eyes*

In the meantime, my big dreams won’t pay the bills. So to keep from starving to death, I build websites. Pretty ones. I built my first one in 2004; a little writing community that has since grown to over 25,000 members. It was a long and painful process filled with lots of trials and tribulations (kind of like writing this novel), but I guess that was to be expected from a know-nothing 21 year who hadn’t even finished school at that point. 

So, there it is. My very first blog post after nearly 10 years of working online. I’m still not sure if I should be proud of that or embarrassed. I guess only time will tell. Until then….

Peace & Love, and all that other good stuff,

  • Aradia
    Posted at 21:42h, 03 November Reply

    Pretty much gunna stalk your blog from now on lol x)

  • Bianca Scardoni
    Posted at 23:49h, 04 November Reply

    Stalk away! lol <3

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