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Tummy Time’s a Good Time

I’m happy to report that Jaxon has graduated from his swing to a real bed and is now sleeping through most of the night. Granted it’s my bed, but still. His crib ain’t going anywhere, and in the meantime, this momma is feeling super rested and super content from all the cuddles I get to have. I never ever thought I would be the kind of mom to co-sleep but here I am. I wish I could tell the old me to have a seat. Have several seats because when your very sanity depends on it and your sleep deprivation is bordering full-blown hallucinations, you do what works. And this works.

Not only are we all sleeping better but I also have tons of energy to do stuff during the day; for myself and for Jax. My patience is exponentially greater and I’m finally starting to actually enjoy being a mother. Tummy time, stroller walks, activity mats, visiting friends and family, taking a shower, brushing my teeth…these things weren’t even a part of my vocabulary the first month.

So metal, just like his dad <3

His first stroller walk with Auntie Melissa


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