Bianca Scardoni | Bonus Scene: Psychiatric Hospital
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Bonus Scene: Psychiatric Hospital

Bonus Scene: Psychiatric Hospital

This is bonus scene of Jemma in the psychiatric hospital before she moved to Hollow Hills. *Does not contain spoilers.*

The new guy was standing on the table again, barking at one of the nurses across the room. It only took five howls before an orderly rushed over to sedate him, resulting in half the room erupting in an explosion of barnyard noises and screams.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and stared out the barred window that overlooked the courtyard. I didn’t belong here. I didn’t belong with these people—these crazy people. I wasn’t one of them. What happened to me was real; I know it was. We were attacked, hunted by something that wasn’t human, something that wasn’t supposed to exist. But it did. And I watched it murder my father. It happened. It was real…

“I’ve seen them too,” said a short blond girl with a pixie cut that had that distinct made-at-home feel to it.

“Seen who?”

“The vampires,” she answered, taking the seat in front of me as she tucked her legs under her butt. “They’re everywhere. They won’t admit it though. They want us to think we’re crazy.”

“Who does?” I asked, leaning in. I could feel the hope surge in me. Maybe I wasn’t alone in this after all. Maybe someone knew the truth. Maybe she had the answers I so desperately needed.

“The Government,” she whispered, her eyes swelling to twice their size. “There’s a secret organization that protects them and the government knows all about it.”

“Right.” I turned back to the window as my hope flickered out like a dying ember.

“Come on, Jemma,” called Nurse Emily from the entranceway. “Time for your medication.”

God, I didn’t belong here. It happened. It was real.

I’m not crazy.

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