Bianca Scardoni | She’s Here! She’s Here!
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She’s Here! She’s Here!

After nearly two months of waiting for her, Chloe is finally home… all 1.9 pounds of her! I was so excited to pick her up Saturday morning that I nearly tossed my cookies on the drive up. No joke.

So let me just say this, and then I’ll shut up; I know all dogs are cute. Even the ones that are so ugly that they’re actually cute (come on, you know exactly what I’m talking about). But real talk, Chloe is like, beyond cute. Like, it’s should be illegal to be this cute. The pictures almost don’t do her justice. And her personality is even cuter. She’s like this teeny tiny, playful, toe-biting fur-ball that hops around like a bunny when she runs.

I seriously haven’t slept more than 3 hours since Saturday, and I’m not even mad. She’s THAT cute, people!

And she legit watches T.V.

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